Aesthetic surgery has become an increasingly important part of oculoplastic surgery during the past couple of decades.

Increased life expectancy, improved economic standards and greater cosmetic consciousness in the population have contributed to the increased demand for aesthetic oculoplastic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is no longer in the domain of only the women, as was traditionally the case. Men today account for about 25% of the population seeking aesthetic procedures


Services offered:


  1. Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgery:  All patients who have had a disfigurement due to accident and require reconstructive surgery for fractures and soft tissue injuries.
    Patients with complex orbital and facial conditions such as tumours (benign and malignant), as well as congenital or acquired deformities need reconstructive surgery

  2. Blepharoplasty: Here the lids are contoured by surgical removal of the excess skin, muscle and fat. It’s done for cosmetic purpose and also for medical reasons in patients with Blepharophimosis syndrome to provide them a better vision

  3. Brow lifts and treatment for deep rooted wrinkles, crow’s feet

  4. Fillers for removal of static wrinkles.

  5. Mid-face lifts for removal of facial wrinkles and younger appearing facial features.

  6. Botox injection for Hemifacial spasm, Blepharospam and age related wrinkles.
    Blepharospasm is effectively treated by injecting directly into the preseptal orbicularis oculi musculature. In patients with hemifacial spasm, injections are tailored specifically to the affected muscles. The most common areas injected for hyperdynamic facial rhytides include the lateral canthal region (crows feet), glabellar folds and forehead