Akash Kamble

Very happy with the treatment for my son. Dr Hemalatha operated him for cataract . We r so glad that he can see us again. Thank you madam..

Swaminathan Ganesan

Dr Hemalatha is an excellent eye doctor. I went to consult her for cataract and was very anxious due to my long standing diabetes. She was very patient, relieved all my anxiety and performed the surgery with utmost care and perfection. May God bless her




Balaji Krishnamurthi

Dr Hemalatha is the best eye doctor for kids. My niece and nephew are very fond of her. We are very satisfied with her treatment. Would definitely recommend to all..

Ramadass S

Dr Hemalatha is an excellent eye doctor , our whole family has been consulting her for many years and we r extremely happy , she is very friendly and humble, recently she operated my nephew for squint and we r thoroughly satisfied with the results. He has become so confident and his whole personality is changed , thank you doctor




Nikhita Gune

Dr Hemalatha is of the best pediatric ophthalmologists I have met. Extremely friendly, she makes her patients very comfortable.

Monika Patil

My brother had difficulty in focussing for near objects and recurrent headaches. We consulted Dr.Hemalatha. Doctor was very patient and nice. She examined him in detail and prescribed him glasses and binocular vision therapy. She councelled ...




sarvesh kadam

The experience I had over was really good. I was well attended by the staff and there wasn't much waiting time. I came here with my kids so, they attend my son with utmost care and after the examination they even explained the situation to me very properly and made sure that I won't be confused in the future. Overall it was a great vist and I would surely recommend it to my family and friends

kavya sriram

Very friendly doctors, had a great experience with my daughter. I would recommend these doctors to all my friends and family..




snehal gawade

Excellent doctor couple...Dr vidyashankar is an excellent oculoplasty surgeon. I referred my friend who had disfigurement post a road accident. Sir not only restored her functionally and cosmetically but he provided immense moral support …

Shivraman Ganesh

I visited Dr.B.Vidyashankar a week ago.He was very soft spoken, compassionate and genuine.My eye was tested without dilatation so my eye power tended to fluctuate immediately.He was very quick to diagnose it and was kind enough to explain the situation and answer all my questions with utter patience.He is so well trained and experienced.I am thankful to the doctor for helping me.




grena free fire survival

I am very happy to meet to meet Dr Hemlata Vidyshankar . She is best dr

Ram krishna Mishra

Dr Vidyashankar is a good ophthalmologist in chembur. Always take care of patients eye




aniket tale

Tysm doctor for our help you saved my Eye . its just because of you I'm able to see everything properly. I'm so glade that I found a doctor like you Thank You So Much Doctor. And guys please visit Dr Vidyashankar's center of Vision


The clinic is vey hygienic, well equipped with latest technology, strategically located for commuting and not much waiting period.Both Dr.Vidyashankar and Dr.Hemalata are down to earth individuals, compassionate towards their patient, very Knowledgeable, very confident, Not Money oriented ,does not rush through the visits and were flexible to my timing issues …




Sana Khan

I had referred my niece for lazy eye therapy to Dr Hemalatha . Doctor was so patient and explained to the condiction sa well. She motivated the child to be regular with exercises and glasses...and now the child is doing really well. Doctor is the best pediatric ophthalmologist in town....must visit for any child with eye problem

Akhilesh B

I was suffering from squint (last 43 years). With age I found deterioration of sight in one of the eyes. I had consulted a few doctors but did not get a firm answer for rectifying the issue. I was referred to Dr. Hemalatha as a renouned squint correction surgeon. ...




nitin sarangdhar

Very good doctor, I was treated very well, I appreciate Dr Hemalatha for her patience and explaining the condition to me in very simple way. Will definitely recommend.

Puranik Sanjay

Excellent diagonisis, very good infrastructure, neat and hygenic and cordial approach




Rajkumar Kadam

Thanks madam you have done great job for operating one year child from Trible area talasari Maharashtra for bilateral cataract surgery

shaikh shakeel

Nice Doctor and I happy to visit at her clinic, well suggested good tested, and very good quality of material like glass & frames thanks Doctor...




Sriram Bharadwajan

Excellent doctor couple with great sense of personal touch.. My mother underwent cataract in both her eyes with Dr.Vidyashankar. He personally made sure that she was comfortable and recovered quickly. Great work

Hiral gajra

Dr. Hemalatha Vidyashakar has been wonderful Doctor to work with. She is extremely passionate about helping her patients and guiding them to the right direction. This is what I really like about her. I highly recommend you to visit her and I 100% assure you that you won't have any doubts when you are back home!
Thanks Ma'am It has always been a Great learning from you




Geeta Meena

I visited Dr.Hemalatha with my daughter, she is exceptionally good with kids. Her friendly approach and calm demeanor put all our anxiety to rest. The clinic is child friendly and the supporting staff are polite. very satisfied . great !

Meetu Agarwal

It is an honour to tap into Dr. Hema’s expertise as a knowledgeable doctor. I really appreciate the time and encouragement she gives to all kids and parents. My best wishes are always with her... I would highly recommend Dr. Hema as a solution to all eye problems.




Dr Padma Balasubramaniam

I visited Dr.Hemalatha with my grand daughter, she is exceptionally good with kids, Her friendly approach and calm demeanor put all our anxiety to rest. The clinic is child friendly and the supporting staff are polite. very satisfied .

Dharmendra Prajapati

Very good doctor, very good medical facilities in the clinic.




Anshul Bansal

Felt satisfied after having treatment with experienced doctors

Pradeep Meena

Thorough check up and proper treatment was given.




Usman Athani

She is experienced doctor & a good human being.

Anuja Jayaraman

Dr Hemalatha is very professional and her diagnosis has always been correct for us. For her priority is the patient in this case my 8 year old daughter. I would highly recommend her. All the best to her.